Margaret Lawrence Gallery: Current exhibition


Long Wires

Lani Seligman

11 to 26 July, 2014

Opening celebration: Thursday 10 July, 6 to 8pm

Growing up in rural Victoria, Lani Seligman, recalls being on the phone to a childhood friend and unknowingly doodling the Swastika. She remembers how the pattern formed at right angles and was repeated. She had no knowledge of the meaning of this sign or its deadly intent. It wasn’t part of her visual vernacular but the context of her family’s history brought forth the full weight of its significance. Seligman became aware of this history years later through the narrative of memoir and transcribed diaries. 

Long Wires asks how the body might bear this history, as a force and inventory, and the ways it may find form in artworks. The audio work, Ježíš Maria (a common Czech expletive), fills the expanse of the gallery and enacts an intensive shimmer of language. This research investigates how the ‘refrain’ functions as a ‘rutting over’ of this history and the way its looping repetition may operate in the production of artworks.

Seligman’s artworks recall this history as a force that simultaneously asserts itself and resists transmission.Long wires asks if the gallery can provide a space to stage this unknowable, yet felt, inventory.

This exhibition comprises part of the VCA School of Art 2014 PhD Program.

Location: 40 DoddsStreet, Southbank VIC 3006 
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