Margaret Lawrence Gallery: Current exhibition


House and Home

11 April to 3 May

Opening Celebration Thursday 10 April, 6-8pm

Simon Ancher, Megan Campbell, Michael Doolan, Stephen Haley, Wayne Hudson, Lyndal Jones, Danielle Thompson, Shaun Wilson. Curator: Dr Malcom Bywaters

House and home will consider the domestic space as a physical and psychological refuge. The house has become a place to hide and a space to create an external identity. Within contemporary Australia the spaces between the private and public are consciously blurred. The exhibition explores themes of personal space, home life, security and family. House and home will investigate the play between the public and the private, the seen and the obscured behind the front door. The exhibition will consider the role of the house as a vehicle open to external influences, not necessarily related to domesticity; the house can also be a monument or keeper of the past that ultimately has some impact and significance on the present and of self.

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