Indigenous Scholarships


These awards are decided in semester 1 annually by a committee represented by the Scholarships Office and the Wilin Centre.  Only one application is required to be considered for all of these scholarships.  Only students who submit an application can be considered for these scholarships. 

Timing of awards

Semester 1

Frequency of award


Awards and values (values are indicative and subject to change annually according to donations received)

  • Gerda Nicholson Award         female undegraduate Indigenous student in one of theatre, music theatre or music performance. Triennial (next to be awarded in 2018)
  • VCA Scholarship Endowment Fund - Wilin Access fee relief of 2 x $4000
  • Wilin Scholarship        any discipline  2 x $4000

 Open and closing dates

Applications are now closed.  Only one application is required to be considered for all of these scholarships.

 Criteria and eligibility

These scholarships are open for award to indigenous students of any discipline and year level. 

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by the selection committee on the basis of:

  • artistic merit, as demonstrated by entry requirements for the course (i.e. audition, folio presentation) and possibly class participation; 
  • academic merit, as demonstrated by previous academic achievement (VCE or equivalent; other tertiary results); 
  • career aspirations (addressed through questions in the application process); and 
  • likely success in completing the proposed course of study (addressed through questions in the application process). 

The Dean, on the recommendation of the selection committee, will approve the recipients.

Additional requirements

To accept this scholarship, successful recipients are required to write a letter of thanks and provide an artistic biography for the donors or trustees. On occasion recipients will be contacted to provide a progress report.


How to apply

Online applications are now closed.  The link will only be visible during the application period.  Only one application is needed to be considered for the Wilin, VCA Endowment, Portland House or Gerda Nicholson indigenous scholarships.

The application will require personal information, including course and year level, and some questions addressing the selection criteria listed above. You will be required to attach some documents, such as CV and academic transcript and, where relevant, there will be the option to include any support material that gives weight to your application. Where financial need is a consideration, you'll also be asked to provide an estimate of your budget for the year ahead.