Majlis Travelling Scholarship


The Majlis Travelling Scholarship's purpose is to assist and inspire artists to achieve their full creative potential through the opportunity to travel overseas following the completion of their third year of undergraduate study. 

Successful shortlisted applicants will exhibited in the Margaret Lawrence Gallery.



Open and closing dates

Applications are now closed. 

Criteria and eligibility

The scholarship is open  for award annually to 3rd year undergraduate students in the School of Art, Faculty of the VCA & MCM. 

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by the selection committee on the basis of:

  • artistic merit, as demonstrated by entry requirements for the course (i.e. up to 6 images including up to 2 video images); 
  • a brief artist statement; and
  • a statement of the proposed travel plans with an outline of the expected benefit to their future studies and career.

The judges will initially meet to consider the submitted slides and to select a shortlist of artists to participate in the Scholarship Exhibition. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the end of June. Applicants may be invited to meet the judges in order to assist with the final selection.  Each selected artist will be invited to submit one original work that has been produced in the two years immediately preceding the date of making application for the Scholarship. The works included in your folio of images should be available for exhibition.

The successful applicants will receive additional information regarding installation and the exhibition itself after the shortlisting process has been completed. The work will be judged in situ, with the winner announced at the opening night on August 10th. The exhibition dates will be from August 10 until (date TBA).

Additional requirements

To accept this scholarship, successful recipients are required to write a letter of thanks and provide an artistic biography for the donors or trustees. On occasion recipients will be contacted to provide a progress report.

How to apply

Please read the Majlis Travelling Scholarship Terms and Conditions before completing this application. 

Applications are now closed for 2017 and will open again in March 2018.  

You will be asked to provide your personal information, including course and year level. You will also be required to attach some documents, such as 6 digital images of your recent work (or including up to 2 short video excerpts); a brief artist statement; and a statement of your proposed travel plans with an outline of the expected benefit to your future studies and career.